Marieke [ma-ree-kah*]: noun, feminine
– 1. brainy book worm
– 2. curly counterfeit redhead
– 3. enormously enthusiastic
– 4. passionate plant mom
Synonyms: Mari, Whisperes (in-game)

*If you’re a native English speaker, please don’t try make it sound German because Dutch sounds like ‘German for pussies’ to you.

Hi! So, my name is Marieke. And if you couldn’t already tell, I am quite passionate about the written word. I create content about diverse (fantasy) reading, my life and mental health; I’m pretty vocal about durable eating disorder and depression recovery.

I am not just a book worm though. In my every day life I am a tech and elearning expert for a really cool hi-tech RFID product, a DnD nerd and a music geek living a lovely life in the easternmost part of The Netherlands with my amazing partner, gorgeous puppy Ronin and quite a few green fwiends.