Hey world!

My name is Marieke and I am so excited to start this new blog. This is my first post on here. As an avid reader of fantasy books, a bit of a hippie (as well as an overly protective plant mom) and an avid mental health advocate, I would love to invite you on this journey with me!

Introducing myself…

I am thirty two years old and I live in the most eastern city in The Netherlands with my wonderful partner and a pretty big group of green pals. I am a very avid reader, music lover and I’m an advocate for mental health and although I currently am employed as a translator, I am also working towards a career switch where I can pursue this passion professionally.

I’m also a pretty big fantasy fanatic; one of those people that plays DnD every. damn. week. You know the type. I prefer my fantasy reads to be a little more diverse than the average DnD world, though. That’s part of the reason I started Boekenraven, a Dutch book club in which we mostly read YA fantasy and have recently really started focusing on reading more diversely.

The start of this blogging journey

Whisperes is going to be an outlet for me to talk about some of my main passions. First of all: books. I have a lot of opinions on these and instead of forcing my opinions on my friends, I figured it’d be a great idea to instead formulate these opinions more cohesively and blog about them instead. One thing I really want to do with this blog, is focus on diverse reading. I feel that there’s a huge shift in the fantasy publishing world lately with so many beautiful own voices authors- from people from the lgbtqia+ community and people of color to people with mental and physical health issues, and I am loving every second of it! I focus on reading as diversely as I can and I hope that by blogging about the books that I read and visiting other diverse readers’ blogs we can all uncover new gems we otherwise wouldn’t have found!

I’m also an amateur writer who creates short fantasy stories, haikus and as of recently, free form poetry. Once I feel comfortable, I’d love to share some of my own work with you all!

And finally, another really important thing I will be focusing on with this blog is mental health. As mentioned, I am an advocate for mental health- depression and eating disorder recovery in particular, so in due time I really aim to touch on those topics as well in order to educate myself as well as others.

And that’s it! I’m super excited to meet you all and learn and grow in this beautiful blog community together.